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Being the oldest sex specialist in Panipat, Dr. Pal has the highest experience. Dr. Pal, who was registered with the Ayurvedic and Unani Chikitsa Paddhati Board, Haryana in 1970, is a very settled doctor by himself. They have given their full services in Panipat and are still serving humanity by treating the Sexual diseases of men and women.

Dr. Pal does all his treatment only through the Ayurvedic method. Till today there will be no such patient who came here and did not recover. There is only one name for the faith of all in Panipat, that is Dr. Pal. Be it male sexual diseases or female sexual diseases or any other complicated disease, Dr. Pal treats all diseases with great care in Ayurvedic manner.

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Here hemorrhoids, stomach disease, premature ejaculation, nightmares, gonorrhea, sperm deficiency, urination, thinning of semen, penis curvature, thinness, impurities, secretions of women, fall of white water, infertility, bleeding, weakness or slow breast development, obesity, increasing height etc. There is only Ayurvedic treatment for these disease.


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